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Someone asked for my log - what is it?

If you ask for help with a technical issue, it is likely that somoeone will ask for your log (also known as Log.txt) - this is a file that x-plane writes which contains any errors that are experienced.

  • It is found in the root of your X-Plane folder (Likely C://X-Plane 11/Log.txt or Desktop/X-Plane 11/Log.txt on Windows, other OSes may vary)
  • It is rewritten on every startup, so if you have an issue with the 787, you need to load up x-plane, select the 787 and wait for it to load, then quit X-Plane.
  • You should always upload the whole file
  • Do not send screenshots of bits of it
  • Do not copy and paste it (it can be very long)
  • Do not edit it in any way