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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my 787?

With the 787: Aviator's Edition comes the ability to auto-update your aircraft using the SkunkCrafts updater. Minor updates (1.0.x) will only be shipped through these means.

The SkunkCrafts updater can be found here.

You'll find the changelog in your aircraft's folder.

How do I get the 787-8?

The 787-8 is included free of charge with the 787: Aviator's Edition from v1.7.30 onwards. See How Do I Update My 787 for guidance on how to update the aircraft.

Where is the paintkit for the 787?

The paintkit can be found at

Why does the updater say it is "locked for maintinence"?

In general, there are 2 reasons:

  • We're actively shipping an update, which takes time - just wait until later
  • There are no updates available on that branch

How do I switch engine types?

Go to the EFB settings page, and find the ENGINE TYPE setting. Liveries should ship with an updated liverySettings file that defines the engine type(s) supported by it.

What is Cygnus?

Cygnus is the name for our updater-based public testing program. It is not designated as stable, so should only be used if you are comfortable with identifying and reporting bugs. It can be enabled or disabled using the Skunkcraft's Updater "Enable beta channel" box

What is Discord?

We use Discord as our primary means of communication and support for customers. You can access our server at

My serial key has run out of activations

If your key has run out of activations, you can contact us on the forums, social media or by email to add more activations.

How do I trigger cabin announcements?

Announcements are operated from the COMM pages within the MFDs. To activate this page, click COMM on one of the MFD control sets, then click CABIN. Alternatively, they are issued automatically by checklists.

Why are my MCP/Radios screens black?

When starting from cold and dark, the MCP and Pedestal backlighting is turned to minimum setting. This rotary knob also controls the screen brightness of the MCP and radios. To turn on the radios, turn the AISLE STAND PNL rotary to the full right setting; It's located at the back right of the pedestal.

To turn on the MCP, turn the GLARE PNL rotary to the full right setting; it's located on the bottom-left of the overhead panel.

Does the 787 support MacOS?

Yes, it does! You'll need to update it to 1.2.10 or later to get support

Do old liveries work with the current version of the 787-9?

Liveries released since 1.4.0 will work with 1.6.7, however we have shipped an updated paintkit with 1.6.7, containing new tail and wing texturing, a new fuselage model and more. Liveries will need to be updated to the new paintkit to benefit from these improvements, but won't stop working before the release of 1.8.0. Aditionally, liveries will need updates to take advantage of the new GE and RR engine models shipped with 1.5.0

How do I switch between 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 GE engines?

Go to the EFB settings page, and find the LIVERY VERSION setting. Liveries should ship with an updated liverySettings file that defines the engine type(s) supported by it.

When will ... update release?

When it's ready...

Can I attatch the flaps lever to an axis?

No. The flaps lever is not appropriate for use with an axis, as it is not possible to set hard positions on which detent the flaps lever is currently in, nor is it possible to ensure that accidentally knocking the lever does not lead to unintended, potentially flight-ending outcomes. If you feel that your solution that requires flaps on an axis has solutions to these problems, you're welcome to discuss it with us, and we'll point you in the direction of solutions.

Does the 787 work in VR?

We do not directly support VR, and haven't made any special arrangements to allow it to work. Many users have however reported that the plane does work in VR.

We recommend these modifications if you'd like to use the plane in VR: